Yak Steak Sampler - 12 of our best steaks!!

  • 159.00
  • Save $ 6600

Get a Great Deal on a Sampler of our Best Steaks, while they last!  We have normally sold our Yak Tenderloins to high end restaurants, some of them selling these for up to $120/lb. in their restaurants!   This is the first time we are making them available for sale elsewhere.  This Sampler includes 4 Yak Tenderloins, 4 Yak Ribeyes, and 4 Yak New York Strip Steaks.  These are our best, most tender cuts from the yaks.  This is some of the most flavorful Yak Meat there is!  Great on the grill or in the pan.  We recommend you do not cook past medium rare.


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