Whole Yak

Bison Meat for Sale? No, but we have a Whole Yak, Delivery Available Nationwide

  • 3,675.00
  • Save $ 32000

Bison Meat for Sale?, well No, but you can get the best value on our Yak Meat Products by purchasing a Whole Yak!   Genetically Yaks are right in between Bison and Cattle that evolved to thrive at high altitudes resulting in a unique nutritional composition.  We can ship this nationwide.  Your shipping cost is $270.  Total cost with shipping is $3,670.  You will receive approximately 360 lbs. of boneless meat, with all the cuts available.  Our best value.

If you like Bison, you will also enjoy Yak.  Our Yaks are 100% Grass Fed, most commercial bison are not, and we think our Yak stays juicier throughout the cooking process than bison.  They are both great options, but we think the Yak deserves a spot on your plate!

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