About Us


  • The Yak Boys mission is to continue to expand and develop new markets for Yak Products in the U.S.  Right now the Yak is a very small niche market with a lot of potential for growth.  If you are interested in raising yaks, please see our website:
  • We raise Yaks on 7,000 acres in 3 different locations in Colorado, and we work with Yak Producers in several other states.
  • Who We Are:              Chandler Morton, Rancher & CEO

    Chandler Morton brings business, financial, and livestock
    sales and marketing experience to the table.  A former CPA,
    Chandler worked as a financial analyst for Sun Microsystems
    for 7 years. Beyond this Chandler has successfully owned and
    operated 3 businesses, including White Buffalo Meat Company,
    which focused on wholesale and retail sales of bison meat,
    and more recently yak.  He was formerly the owner of Rocky
    Mountain Tanners,a custom hide tanning business that provides
    both tanning and marketing of hides, tails, skulls, etc.
    Chandler owns a ranch near Salida, Colorado.

    Contact us at: or at 720-256-3364