100% Grass Fed Ground Yak, 1 lb.

100% Grass Fed Ground Yak, 1 lb.

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Yak Meat for Sale!  Yak Burger is a great way to introduce yourself to Yak if you have not had a chance to try it.  Our Yak burger is 100% Grass Fed, with nothing artificial added to our Yaks or their diet.  We think our Yak burger can replace beef burger in any recipe - just be sure to cook low and slow - lower heat, for a longer time period.  When cooking the burger, you will notice that there is very little shrinkage and nothing really left it the pan - because Yak is so lean and nutrient dense.  Yak absorbs other flavors really well, we like it in pasta, Mexican dishes, soups, but it also makes a really great hamburger.

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